I Sherisha Lashelle Hatchett met my estranged ex-husband John Andrew Lewis Jr. at United States Army Quartermaster School Fort Lee, Virginia for Petroleum Supply Specialist course 821-92f10 during the training period from 30 June, 2008 through 12 September, 2008 in the Commonwealth of Virginia in a training environment for our (mos) job duties for my active duty Army contract.  His orders 324-876 from the Department of the Army, United States Army Air Defense Artillery Center at Fort Bliss, Texas 19 November, 2008 co b 146th signal bn (wqfybo), 8790 Grow Drive, Pensacola, Florida Army National Guard specified temporary duty to Iraq from 22 November, 2008 through no later than 05 November, 2009. 

We had a busy schedule with formation physical training exercise at 4:00am, then 92 fox petroleum supply specialist class training from 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday, with field tactical training on Saturdays until the afternoon.  Sunday, the first day of the week was a day of rest for course study and personal recreation.  I initiated a conversation with John Andrew Lewis Jr. for friendship with the hope of a serious long term relationship leading to marriage.  John Andrew Lewis Jr. and myself had a brief courtship for about three months spending time in the evenings and on the weekends for Blockbuster movie rentals, Colonial Heights mall shopping and an occasional movie, dining out near the base, sight seeing Colonial Heights in Virginia and the surrounding areas outside of the Fort Lee Army base.  With the limited time we had to spend to learn one another, I developed romantic feelings for my ex-husband John Andrew Lewis Jr.  I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him treating me like a respectable woman, opening and closing the car door for me, holding hands in public, offering compliments on my appearance and personality.  John was quiet yet very mysterious, secretive in personality and actions.  But as it turns out John A. Lewis Jr. had a double life and a hidden agenda which did not involve my best interests at his heart or my overall well being.

I had extended training h7 asi Petroleum Vehicle Operator course, given at hq, 58th trans bn, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri on 31 October, 2008 and finally being stationed at Fort Benning Army Base in Columbus, Georgia...Kelly Hill Infantry on November 4, 2008.  John Andrew Lewis Jr. volunteered to activate from his Florida Army National Guard unit and we then communicated through phone, text, and email while he was in Fort Bliss, Texas.  He was preparing to mob and go to Iraq for a year.  We discussed the difficulties of long distance relationships and the low probability of our success in being together after his return from Iraq, therefore John Andrew Lewis Jr. flew from Fort Bliss, Texas Army Base (his mobing duty station) to Phenix City, Alabama where I lived and was stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia Army Base on November 17, 2008.  We got married at the Russell County, Alabama courthouse without wedding rings or bands and approximately a week together before he deployed to Iraq for his year tour.  Our first year of marriage was spent with John Andrew Lewis Jr. in Iraq while I was in Phenix City, Alabama stationed as Army active duty at Fort Benning, Georgia Army Base. 

My active duty contract was honorably discharged prematurely and I recovered through therapy counseling, spirituality, and self-help motivational books.  I supported myself through temporary California unemployment insurance and not John Andrew Lewis Jr’s Iraq money, even though we were legally married at that time.

Middle October 2009, my eagerly awaited estranged ex-husband John Andrew Lewis Jr. reluctantly returned to Russell County and Phenix City, Alabama where I lived at Brookwood Park apartments in Phenix City where I had hoped our marital domain to be for an extended amount of time until we were financially stable to buy a home together for the family.  On 2 June, 2009 the time of my early satisfactory Army Discharge decided upon by my superiors, my estranged ex-husband John Andrew Lewis Jr. then insisted on staying in Iraq longer than the agreed year and extended his contract there.  He insisted that upon returning to his birth state of Florida, he wouldn't have a job in the United States.

Our emails, phone calls, video chats, text messages, talks about our future together became less frequent, more estranged and distant.  I believe it was because John wanted to be married on paper only, not to live as a married man at least not to me and not to a woman.  I believe John Andrew Lewis Jr. is a transgendered male, homosexual, a jealous woman hater who uses women because as he states "women use men for money, and all they are useful for is having babies" etc.  Within three weeks of John Andrew Lewis Jr. returning home from Iraq, I had a positive pregnancy test on Thanksgiving day 2009 as we had planned to become pregnant.  The day after Thanksgiving and the news of the pregnancy, John started with persistent rumors, then throughout the pregnancy and after Joshua was born that baby Joshua was not his child.  He suggested I was a whore, lazy, stupid, just a woman, too old to be pregnant, etc. and that I was already pregnant before he came back from Iraq.  Next started the moving of my keys, purse, belongings, glasses of water or juice that I immediately needed or was looking for accompanied with comments that "Sherisha you are loosing your mind", that I needed to go to a Psychiatrist to inform them that I’m delusional and having memory relapse problems.  The domestic violence escalated with mental, verbal, and physical things when I helped John A. Lewis Jr. get a job as a correctional officer at the Russell County Alabama jail in Phenix City, Alabama through my former apartment manager Carla Patterson.  She knew the hiring person for the jail.  I registered my ex-husband John A. Lewis for an online criminal justice course at Caplan University in which he made me do most of his homework and log in for him while he was at work.  I did all I could do to get him to stay with me, but he didn't want to give the marriage a full hearted try because he had male lovers and a special male lover in particular that was in the picture during our brief dating period at Fort Lee, Virginia Army Base in early 2008.  

From October 2009 to December 2010 during my entire pregnancy, John Andrew Lewis Jr. was domestically abusing me mentally, verbally, and physically.  A few examples are but not limited to: trying to handcuff me against my will with his correctional officer handcuffs for anal sex after I repeatedly told him no, turning off all the lights in the apartment then walking around the apartment at night while talking to himself, walking up to the bed I was in and standing directly over me while I was laying in there pregnant...just staring at me in the dark. John walked through the house with a loaded black .45 hand gun moving back and forth with intimidating looks, staring at me with scary mean facial expressions while he told me I was getting fat and that I didn't have a career anymore when I brought more money into the marriage household without a job than John did with a job.  I even helped him get his job as a correctional officer at the Russell County, Alabama jail.  He had untaxed Iraq money secured away in a Florida joint bank account with his mother, Hattie Lewis, who gave him most of his Iraq money after I took baby Joshua and left John on December 8, 2010.

After unsuccessful calls to the police, marriage counseling, talking to family and friends, plus trying to keep the baby safe, we then started to sleep in separate locked door rooms from John because I witnessed him several times sexually fonding Joshua.  When John worked the midnight shift at the Russell County Sheriff's department in the mornings, he routinely would knock on Joshua's and my bedroom door to ask if he could spend time with the baby.  Then, he would lay on the opposite side of me with Joshua in the middle, put his finger under the covers in Joshua's diaper and wiggle his fingers.  I would kick him out the room and lock the door again.  One time he knocked on the door and told me he needed to talk to me and I opened the door.  He walked in with me and Joshua’s room, grabbed a pillow, put it over my face forcefully and tried to smoother me to death until I fought him off.  Yet he said he was only playing when he realized I wasn't dead yet.

The final straw was when John pointed his loaded gun at me and Joshua while we were on the bed.  He said he had to test the handgun and make sure it wasn’t loaded because he was on his way to Florida for Florida National Guard weekend duty.  While he was gone, we packed up and left.  Joshua was four months old then.  I contacted his Florida Army National Guard unit and informed them of John's behavior, but I was told that John was considered a civilian for weekend duty.  All charges or convictions must go through the civilian judicial system unless he was active duty, then J.A.G. could get involved.  I've given you bits and pieces but this is only the beginning of a bigger picture.  The story continues.