In August and September 2010, Joshua was only a few months old and I had already called the Phenix City, Alabama police on John Andrew Lewis Jr. for sexually molesting Joshua with his fingers, feathers, and sex toys.  I had also reported the domestic violence against me and him talking to himself as usual but now his internal conversation with himself was violent, in a sexual context, and he wouldn't shut up.  I called 911 on John.  The police operator then gave me the non-emergency police number to call.  An officer showed up but only reported on the incident that John talks to himself.  He suggested that John seek counseling or professional help.

The main reasons I called the police was for the child molestation and his violence was terrifying me in that apartment.  With that loaded gun, handcuffs, and several attempts to kill me I was worried it might be made to look like an accident.  The officer and John talked about being correctional officers, law enforcement, and the military implications.  The police officer said these claims could ruin our careers.  He suggested that he understood and knew he could not write on the police report that a pedophile and domestic violence suspect, John Andrew Lewis Jr. worked at the local Russell County, Alabama Sheriff’s department.  That is a liability.  I am an African-American female therefore, John did not go to jail for domestic violence.  I don’t play the race card, but racial discrimination played a factor in the handling of this police call.  In concluding, the police officer informed us that if he came out to our Brookwood Park apartment again on a domestic abuse call that night, one of us would be going to jail!  The officer never corrected John about sexually abusing Joshua or his abusing me.  John had a free pass to get away with murder, domestic violence, child sexual abuse and military government fraud.

In August 2010, after Joshua was repeatedly sexually fondled in my face, John boasted that he wasn't going to jail for it because an anal exam has to show that Joshua has been sexually penetrated.  I told him we were leaving and John responded he wanted me to leave a long time ago, but I was to leave Joshua with him.  I told John Andrew Lewis Jr. that Joshua comes with me.  Then he finally said he would get counselling but he’s not mentally ill.  So, we went to marriage counseling together. 

Military OneSource paid for marriage counseling sessions at the Pastoral Institute, 2022 Fifteenth Avenue, Columbus, Georgia with Martha Dodson, Marriage Counselor.  We had two marriage counseling sessions. At the second session, I told Martha that my ex-husband John Andrew Lewis Jr. watched excessive amounts of pornography to include mostly homosexual pornography, he goes into transgendered social networking sites and subscribed to them.  He also wanted to experiment with me regarding actions that he watched in those porn movies.  I was not comfortable with that as it seemed degrading and violent.  I also informed Martha Dodson that John A. Lewis was sexually fondling baby Joshua right in front of me and I called the police on him.  It resulted in no corrective action.  The counseling sessions were between August 7, 2010 and September 30, 2010.  Martha Dodson terminated our counseling services and reported child sexual abuse to the Russell County, Alabama Department of Human Resources (Child Protective Services).  There was no communication with Martha Dodson, Child Protective Services, or the Phenix City, Alabama Police, or Russell County, Alabama Sheriff’s Department.

After the second marriage counseling session ended, on December 8, 2010 the Russell County, Alabama Department of Human Resources (Child Protective Services) came knocking on my door.  John Andrew Lewis Jr. was in Florida for Army National Guard and homosexual activity.  A Child Protective Service worker was escorted by a Phenix City, Alabama Police Department female officer who did an apartment walk through, informed the Child Protective Service worker that the environment was safe and the female officer left the apartment.  The Child Protective Service worker did an apartment walk through, asked me some questions about Joshua's health and that the Child Protective Service worker needed to make an appointment with Joshua's pediatrician to have a child sex abuse exam.  The Child Protective Service worker asked me was I afraid of my husband?  I informed her I was being domestically, mentally, physically, and verbally abused as well as Joshua being sexually molested.  She arranged a bed for me and Joshua at the Phenix City, Alabama domestic violence shelter.

Five minutes after the Child Protective Service worker disappeared, I was going to walk to the mail box with Joshua.  The Phenix City Police Juvenile Division Sgt. Mark Rogers was on his way up my stairs and I asked if he was going to apartment 122, he said yes.  I opened my door and he came in behind me holding Joshua.  Sgt. Mark Rogers asked and me “where is his computers”?  Sgt. Rogers showed me a Phenix City Police Department evidence and custody record stating: Defendant John A. Lewis, type of offense/sex offence, reason obtained/evidence, description of articles/collected Toshiba laptop, but they were looking for his Apple MacBook.  That was in Florida with him and his box of sex tapes that were taken out of the apartment to Florida somewhere.  John Andrew Lewis Jr. was supposedly under investigation for possible child pornography on the job or related charges.  I gave Sgt. Mark Rogers all he asked for without a warrant.  I was not the one being charged, it was John Andrew Lewis Jr. as his name was on the Phenix City Police Department evidence and custody record.  I myself was an eye witness to his pedophilia, therefore I thought he was in trouble for illegal sexual activity.

Martha Dodson reported child sexual abuse regarding Joshua to the Russell County, Alabama Health and Human Services (Child Protective Services) as a mandated reporter, but the Phenix City, Alabama Police Department charged John with child pornography.  I never mentioned child pornography, but I vocalized that I witnessed homosexual pornography while John Andrew Lewis Jr. was sitting right next to me in the marital counseling session with Martha Dodson.   John told Martha Dodson that he does watch pornography as a lifestyle, but he doesn't consider it to be obsessive or an unhealthy habit.  I felt it was and currently is as my child is in imminent danger in the custody of a pedophile who is mentally ill, a transgendered male, and who I believe to be exposing my two-year old son to against my wishes.  His lifestyle is one that I am vehemently against both biblically and morally.  I consider it to be against good family values.  A two year old boy can't vocalize abuse and nor can he defend himself against nasty grown pedophile predator, this is what I have seen of his dad John Andrew Lewis Jr.

On Monday December 13, 2010 an officer by the name of Frederick responded to an escort call.  Upon arrival, he escorted Joshua and me to the battered woman's shelter.  On December 29, 2010 the shelter for Victims of Domestic Violence, Rape, and Crisis Response center of Russell County, Alabama required me and my baby son Joshua be relocated to Montgomery, Alabama due to safety issues because of the nature of the domestic violence.  This was a mandatory communication from Judy Sumbry, Shelter Manager.  On December 12, 2010 my baby son Joshua and I were sent to the Domestic Violence Intervention Center in Opelika, Alabama where we resided in a safehouse.  Opelika, Alabama Domestic Violence Intervention Center gave supportive service referrals to apply for child support and custody arrangements.  They gave battered women and their children help with legal services for Alabama divorces.  John Andrew Lewis Jr. filed a civil summons for divorce in Phenix City, Russell County, Alabama on December 21, 2010.  I also filed for a protection from abuse order immediately after we went to the domestic violence shelter.  This was filed December 17, 2010 in the Circuit Court of Lee County, Alabama: Corinne T. Hurst, clerk.  The ex-parte order issued by Lee County Circuit Court issued on January 20, 2011 remained in full force and effect until Steve T. Speakman, Circuit Court Judge granted a hearing for February 9, 2011.   

John showed up to court with his former attorney Jennifer Batson Cooley and John Andrew Lewis Jr. never denied any of my complaints on my protection from abuse order, but Judge Steve T. Speakman only granted me a protection from abuse order despite the fact that the protection from abuse order states that John Andrew Lewis Jr. sexually molests Joshua.  In court, John had an opportunity to object but he didn't because he knows he is a pedophile.  He works in law enforcement and knows he has cronies to work on his behalf.  The Lee County, Alabama protection from abuse order (cv-10-570) reads "this order shall expire on April 8, 2011, or on date of first hearing of any type in Russell County, Alabama (case dr-2010-440) whichever comes first". Judge George Roy Greene, Russell County, Alabama Circuit Court Judge never addressed domestic violence, never let me speak in his court room, didn't extend my protection from abuse order, and denied me due process.  Judge George Roy Greene, Russell County, Alabama Circuit Court Judge committed fraud and plea deals.