Each individual state has its own grounds for divorce, residency, divorce versus legal separation, divorce proceeding, uncontested divorce (preferred but not common), service of the complaint, physical separation (not necessarily through the court system), unsafe living environment (requires immediate evacuation), divorce proceeding, the plaintiff starting the proceedings, and initial filing for civil summons for divorce.  The service of the complaint can be served several ways, but the defendant must be legally informed in a timely manner to secure an attorney and/or self represent so as to file a counter claim for divorce, lest the plaintiff wins by default of no response to the burden of proof to provide all facts and documents to the original civil summons.  For complaints is in the responsibility of the plaintiff making the claims to do this, and if the initial claims are not proven in the circuit court level record because later evidence is not admissible, the defendant wins by default such as in my case.  I won by facts, law and evidence, but lost due to corruption, fraud, lies, conspiracy, child custody arrangements, child support payments, and additional support due to special circumstances.

There are many things that go into a divorce hearing.  Support and custody guidelines do vary by each individual state and separating monies and family responsibilities between two people is complex.  If there is no domestic violence involved, child visitation/custody is still to be supervised by non-guardian ad lit-ems and child protective service workers.  Alimony claims if temporary or long term, property division, temporary relief under certain conditions, the occasion of mediation and reconciliation of the parties are all options if there is not sever domestic violence and child abuse and neglect involved.  Deciding on settlement versus trial is usually the final proceeding in a divorce action due to both parties not agreeing on pertinent maters and/or a fraudulent circuit court judge with a one-sided ruling.  

Often when one party is self represented due to the lack of income to afford a decent and honest attorney it does not work out equally for both parents or the children involved.  Recovery and healing after a divorce should include dating, a social life, friendships, church, family, counseling, but often also includes a personal feeling of failure, a decrease in financial income due to legal fees or only a single earner per home.  In addition I've suffered from a failed protection from abuse order after the circuit court divorce while the appeal to appellate court was pending, delays in disability of military retirement pay, delays in disability pay from social security of service connected disability payments and medical insurance bills.

There's more, you could also be the victimize by payments for various bills of the plaintiff, defendant, and minor children, survivor benefits plan reductions, a soldier’s obligation of support during marriage, confidentiality of divorce documents during the procedure of a pending divorce, new wills after divorce for surviving dependents, income tax consequences of divorce, the fact that only some states honor common law marriage, and attorney documented prenuptial agreements when there is a substantial amount of money or assets involved to be protected in the event of a parting of ways.

In my individual experience of unfair due process during divorce in the Alabama circuit court and Alabama appellate court, attorney’s fees where fraudulent, a contempt citation was made, as well as unjust income withholding offers.  As I've found out since, mandatory domestic violence issues must be addressed first and foremost before a judge rules in a civil divorce case.  When the matters of divorce are not resolved in the lower level courts, the fees, stress, complexity of laws, and length of time in the appellate court adds up quickly.  The expense can be astronomical especially in regards to retainer fees, continued/continuation fees, and that's on top of the the emotional mental stress that all parties suffer.. especially the children who have no say in this process.

The question is, who's the winner when everybody looses and the end result is a broken family unit?  When children are involved, the divorce is never final.  Though states differ on divorce laws, they all deal with the same basic topics.  Those topics are:

  • Custody
  • Child Support
  • Alimony
  • Visitation
  • Domestic Violence
  • Child Abuse
  • Neglect
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Physical Abuse
  • Mental Stability of the Parents
  • Division of Property
  • Insurance
  • Quality of life/financial means over a sustained term during the marriage

In a fraudulent divorce case such as mine (Circuit Court of Russell County, Alabama, John A. Lewis vs. Sherisha L. Lewis 57-dr-2010-000440.00 Kathy S. Coulter, Circuit Clerk, Russell County, Alabama (334) 298-0516, kathy.coulter@alacourt.gov and appellate notice circuit court no. Dr-10-440 civil appeals court number 2110516, appeal to Court of Civil Appeals of Alabama from Sherisha Lashelle Lewis, appellant, vs. John Andrew Lewis Jr.) the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals does not accept new evidence.  Only the evidence presented in the circuit court is admissable.  John Andrew Lewis Jr. as the plaintiff in my judgement failed to prove all his claims against me, yet he received all his demands as agreed to in his plea deal with Judge George Roy Greene.

Phenix City, Alabama Police Department, Russell County Sheriff’s Department, John Andrew Lewis Jr's former attorney Jennifer Batson Cooley, John Andrew Lewis Jr's current attorney Lindsay Erwin Brooke, my former attorney Brian Anthony Ramey of Columbus, Georgia, the Russell County, Alabama Department of Human Resources (Child Protective Services), the psychologist that John Andrew Lewis Jr. was referred to, and the Opelika, Alabama Lee County judicial system all had moments of failing me when I was most vulnerable.  While Joshua and I were living in Opelika, Judge George Roy Greene ordered a police raid on my apartment so as to arrest me, kidnap my son, take my electronics as well as other items of value.  Then, they let my ex-husband in my home accompanied by the Opelika, Alabama Police department and Russell County, Alabama Department of Human Resources.  The new apartment manager who had the keys was instructed by them to do this and what I see as further criminal activity which lead Joshua and I to move and live in public storage in Atlanta, Georgia.  I was pushed to leave our fully furnished apartment and become homeless, but together Joshua and I were safe from bullies and seemingly endless struggle to get back to a normal peaceful family life.

A mothers struggle is to protect my children from abuse.  Because of my journey, I feel it's also to help rid not only the court systems but the world from officials who aid in placing children under the custody and control of pedophiles, deviants, those who are neglectful guardians and physical abusers.  The judicial system failed my son, Yehoshua Mikael Lewis and me.  I am a law abiding citizen who only wanted a peaceful civil divorce so John can live his life in peace without abusing me, I can live in peace and Joshua can grow up as a normal boy without fearing his parents as a happy, upstanding member of his community.  In this process though, I have witnessed Alabama family courts sacrificing and separating protective mothers & innocent children behind an epidemic of legal omission, pedophilia & judicial abuse.

The citizens need to force an investigation that reveals an epidemic of violence and corruption facilitated by the family courts in Alabama and all over the world.  Children including my son Yehoshua Mikael Lewis are being kidnapped, taken away from their protective mothers and delivered to proven abusers.  Behind this epidemic of judicial abuse are organized networks involved in racketeering and corruption.  I fully believe there is a channeling and waste of billions of dollars of U.S. taxpayers money every year in this length flawed process.  Insurance companies are being defrauded by medical and mental health professionals who are rewarded handsomely for producing cursory quack studies that show mental incompetence or what ever serves the outcome an attorney wants to show the court.  Judges accept this junk that may criminalize some of the most compassionate caring mothers all the while protecting some abusive dads.  

With all the clear evidence my case shows of racketeering and corruption perpetrated against me, high court judges and insider lawyers use or abuse the family courts system to destroy may good people alongside those who are unfit.  A protective mother can get a life sentence of suffering as do their innocent children simply for a lack of due process with proper representation like any common criminal gets for free in the U.S. courts.  But not in Civil or Family Court, you are on your own to get representation you can afford.

I’m not wealthy, but I do now believe that the rich, poor, middle-class, and hardly any children in America are safe anymore.  This can happen to anyone, though if you can afford a sharp lawyer it's a lot less likely.  There is U.S. and for that matter international abuse of women and children that needs to stop.  My personal fight is posted for you to read because I believe my son's livelihood is at stake.  I need to expose court officials to stop them from giving children to molesters and assaulters in the future.  Hopefully, I'm saving my own son Joshua and millions of children from a childhood of abuse of which I myself am a victim of as well.  The cycle stops now.  I have not seen or hear of my sons existence since September 15, 2011 through this very day.  As I fight to change that, I also hope to help you if you have experienced a similar family injustice.  Stay strong, keep going, it matters.