We are listed on several petition sites to throw a large reach for our message so those willing to help and those in need of help can both easily find us.  I AM ASKING FOR YOU TO HELP ME AND OTHERS WHO HAVE UNRIGHTFULLY BEEN DISTANCED FROM MY CHILD.  

Please click a link above to sign my petition and to do the same for others who simply want a fair day in court for the right to have access to their child again.

My journey includes the need to see eventual prosecutions, immediate return of Yehoshua Mikael Lewis to me, full investigation on all professionals on failure to act in imminent situations as well as all who failed to perform their duties to uphold the laws that they took a sworn oath to perform.  I am seeking all rewards and honors withdrawn plus for public exposure and admission to the public of wrong doing because of betrayal of trust.  I want recovery for Yehoshua Mikael Lewis before his memory can recall this trauma, a new law passed called Yehoshua’s Law regarding the issues in this matter, more petitions to be written directly on websites with links to and for all family law proceedings to have a jury trial to prevent abuse of power by a judge.

On the sites above you will find those in search of help, please share some of your time to help us as you would want help if you were in the same situation.